Volvo Park Assist Pilot Cross Country

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  • Volvo Park Assist Pilot Cross Country

Volvo Park Assist Pilot Cross Country

MSRP :$381.24

You Save: $91.30 (24%)

Let your Volvo park itself with just the push of a button, whether you're pulling into a parallel or perpendicular parking spot.

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For Cross Country Models Only

  • Volvo Park Assist Pilot reads the parking space dimensions using ultrasonic sensors
  • A parking space 1.2 times the length of the vehicle is large enough for the Park Assist Pilot, a size that most drivers wouldn't even consider parking in!
  • The driver follows the instructions on the driver display, controlling the vehicle's gears, throttle, and brakes while the Park Assist Pilot controls the steering wheel, guiding the car perfectly into the parking space.
  • Park Assist Pilot can also assist you when you are leaving a tight parallel parking space.
  • A graphical image of the car from above and the distance to any obstacle is shown on the car's main display.

    Please note:

  • Car must be equipped with Rear Parking Assistance or Rear and Front Parking Assistance
  • Dealer installation required
  • Part Number: 32207378

    This Part Fits: