S60 Tire Pressure Monitoring System - S60L

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  • S60 Tire Pressure Monitoring System - S60L

S60 Tire Pressure Monitoring System - S60L

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This Volvo tire pressure monitoring system for the S60 is an essential safety accessory that will ensure that your vehicle's tires are always inflated to the correct pressure.

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The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) measures tire pressure in all four tires, ensuring less wear and tear on the tires, lower fuel consumption, and safer driving. Tire pressure is monitored using sensors that are located in the tire air valves. When an incorrect tire pressure is detected, a warning light illuminates on the dashboard, and a message also appears in the driver's display.

  • Volvo recommends TPMS sensors on all the wheels of the car.
  • The TPMS system serves to indicate incorrect tire pressure, but is not to be used as a replacement for normal tire maintenance.
  • When the car travels at 19 mph or faster, the sensors supply data to a receiver inside the car.

  • Only for S60L.
  • The TPMS system uses a 434 Mhz radio frequency. Electrical equipment that uses the same frequency can cause system interference and must not be installed in the car. Contact an authorized Volvo dealer for further information.

  • May require dealer installation or programming.

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