Great for transitioning with ease between city and country driving, the XC70 is a tough, dependable, and safe people carrier that does not sacrifice comfort or luxury. To personalize your XC70, count on us for all the interior, exterior, transport, and performance accessories you need.


XC70 Must-Have Accessories:

  • Maximize the XC70’s safety quotient by using an adjustable child seat booster cushion and optional backrest with the backseat’s 3-point seat belt. The seat provides proper contact with the child’s body for the best protection possible in a collision.
  • Add sleeker styling to your XC70’s boxy wagon profile by mounting a color-coordinated roof spoiler designed to create an elegant extension to the vehicle’s roofline.
  • Travel along with your pet conveniently and safely without the need to load a bulky crate by fitting a dog gate into the cargo compartment.
  • Turn your XC70’s instrumentation panel into full digital with an 8” high-resolution Adaptive Digital Display that comes in three interchangeable layouts to highlight your preferred monitors: Elegance (for easy speedometer readability), Eco (featuring a green-lit Eco-gauge that monitors real-time fuel consumption), and Performance (featuring a sporty red center gauge that highlights the tachometer, speedometer, and power meter).

Just because the Volvo XC70 is considered a practical family vehicle does not mean it cannot be enhanced with more style, comfort, cargo storage, and performance. Whether you are interested in giving your XC70 a style makeover or just want to give it some TLC, we have a variety of upgrade options for you to consider—and at prices you will appreciate!