Update your 2012 XC60 and keep it running and looking good as new with our great selection of exterior accessories, interior accessories, racks and carriers, and Polestar performance parts. Whether you want to snazz up its sporty factor with stylish aluminum rims or make the cargo space more pet-friendly by installing a gate, we have a wide variety of solutions to meet your every need.


2012 XC60 Must-Have Accessories:

  • Make your vehicle pet-safe with an XC60-compatible, collision-tested dog gate that provides safe and secure travel for your dog, preventing it from jumping out of the car when the liftgate is opened.
  • Protect your 2012 model’s undercarriage and engine systems from road impact and damage by installing a heavy-duty engine skid plate to ensure more years of service from your car.
  • Give your dated SUV a much-needed exterior makeover with ultra-modern designed wheel rims in a unique black matte diamond cut and hear compliments from the crowd as you drive by.
  • Sometimes, all it takes to make an older car look like new is some cleaner, a little elbow grease, and a soft, non-woven, lint-free polishing cloth that leaves your car surface dry and shiny.

With our vast selection of accessories for updating the look of your older XC60 whatever the model year, there’s no reason your ride can’t be mistaken for brand new! Simply browse our catalog for a wide range of solutions and inspirations. Or, if you are unable to find the type of accessory you’re looking for, simply contact our customer assistants and we’ll be happy to offer suggestions.