XC90 iPad Holder - Installation Kit

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  • XC90 iPad Holder - Installation Kit

XC90 iPad Holder - Installation Kit

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This is the installation kit for the iPad holder.

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The iPad® holder makes it possible to safely and ergonomically use your iPad® in the rear seat, as it is secured in a horizontal and comfortable position. Take your iPad® to the car and enjoy its functions and app when travelling. Listen to music, watch a film, read e-mails or surf the web. Volvo's iPad® holder makes all this possible.

It is easy to dock your iPad® in the iPad® holder and all wiring is integrated into the front seat. The holder allows charging via the customer's USB cable and it is also possible to charge a phone at the same time, via a separate USB connector connected to the holder's the base plate.

  • Two integrated USB ports for charging an iPad® and phone at the same time.
  • Can easily be removed as necessary.
  • The iPad®-holder is sold separately but can also be sold and installed in pairs, to create individual rear seat entertainment.
  • Before using the iPad® holder in the vehicle, the protective film supplied with the kit should be applied to the iPad® screen.
  • The charger can only be used to charge USB devices. No audio/video is possible. Do not connect the charger to other electrical connectors in the car.

    If you have an iPad® holder installed for iPad® 2-4 but want to use an iPad® Air 1-2, you can simply supplement the iPad® holder with "Adapter". If on the other hand you want to use an iPad® 2-4 in an iPad® holder for iPad® Air 1-2, it is easy to remove "Adapter".

    Installation instructions for tablet holder click here.

    Installation instructions for tablet holder with twin engine click here.

    Replaces Part Number: 31470917 31435856

  • Part Number: 31659854

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