Volvo Rearview Mirror Autodimming W/ Homelink & Compass

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  • Volvo Rearview Mirror Autodimming W/ Homelink & Compass

Volvo Rearview Mirror Autodimming W/ Homelink & Compass

MSRP :$574.00

You Save: $35.88 (6%)

This rearview mirror contains an internal compass and auto-dimming feature, and integrates with your existing remote-controlled home devices, such as your garage doors and house alarm system.

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The frameless rearview mirror has an elegant, modern design and is built with the wireless HomeLink® system.

The HomeLink® system enables you to operate multiple remote-controlled home devices, for example, opening and closing the garage door and turning the house alarm system on and off. The HomeLink® buttons are discretely integrated into the rearview mirror, which also features automatic dimming and a compass.

The HomeLink® transmitter system is compatible with most products for access control that are currently available on the market. For more information and compatibility, see:

The anti-glare rear view mirror automatically cuts off disturbing light from the cars behind, facilitating safer night-time driving. The compass in the top right-hand corner of the mirror shows the direction the front of the car is facing, and facilitates navigation.

  • Safe and useful function to control remote controlled home devices
  • Programmed in a few seconds
  • Can be reprogrammed at any time
  • Runs off the car's electrical system
  • Frameless, ergonomic and integrated design
  • Installed by replacing the existing rearview mirror

  • May require dealer installation or programming.

    For installation instructions click here.

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