XC90 Trunk Mat - Molded Plastic Blond 7 Seater

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  • XC90 Trunk Mat - Molded Plastic Blond 7 Seater

XC90 Trunk Mat - Molded Plastic Blond 7 Seater

MSRP :$159.21

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This mat is meant to protect the cargo portion of your vehicle.

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An attractive plastic protective mat that is adapted to fit the luggage compartment and is colour-coded to match the rest of the interior.

To prevent the load from sliding around during transportation, the mat is coated with a layer of friction increasing material.

The mat also has raised edges that effectively prevent dirt and water from leaking out into the load compartment.

The mat is available in two versions: a two-part mat for 5 seat cars and a three part mat for 7 seat cars.

The mat for 7 seat cars can be used when you have the third row of seats folded up or down. The front parts can be stacked on top of each other in the car or removed from the car when the third row of seats is folded up. The mat can be used together with carrier bag holder.

  • Shaped to fit the cargo compartment floor.
  • Easy to position and remove from the car for cleaning.
  • Anti-slip treatment.
  • Allows access to the load-lashing loops.
  • Allows flexible use, as parts can be removed if necessary.

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